Land Appraisal

Vacant land is frequently represented as being simple to appraise, but this is an enormous misconception. Retaining the services of a state-certified real estate appraiser from South Fulton County Property Appraiser ensures that you get a skilled professional with nearly two decades of experience in the Fulton County area. Our appraisers assess your property’s present market value while taking into consideration the cost of comparable properties in your surrounding area. After combining this research with a detailed investigation of your lot, your appraiser will suggest the land’s worth to be used for sale, tax purposes, or donation.

Timing also plays a part in vacant land appraisals, as values and sale prices are known to fluctuate. For example, if your property is an orchard or plantation, your value will be higher when the fruit or crops are ripe and ready for harvesting and potential sale. If your property is in an up-and-coming neighborhood, it will also bring in a higher amount than it would in a town with limited growth opportunities. Similarly, if an area is on the decline with little opportunity, it’s likely the value of your property will fall too.

A range of factors, as determined by your appraiser, will determine the final value of your property. Overall, the value is the amount a buyer would be willing to pay for your (or similar) properties.

Not only will your South Fulton County land appraiser help you determine the value of your land, but this information will provide accurate data for property tax assessment purposes. If you are looking to secure financing to purchase the property, your verifiable, expert land appraisal will remove any questions the bank has prior to lending.

Why South Fulton County Property Appraiser?

All land appraisals by South Fulton County Property Appraiser are completed in accordance to USPAP and Appraisal Guidelines for Federal Land Acquisition. Call us today at (404) 907-1846. We have the experience and qualifications to meet all your appraisal needs.